Teens React Takes On Super Metroid


2016 marks 30 years since Metroid first saw release in Japan, and, to celebrate that fact, Teens React has challenged players with taking on Super Metroid.

With no information aside from the basic controls they were let loose on planet Zebes, after retelling the story so far. After taking on Ridley, they are all able to escape Ceres Space Colony successfully once the self-destruct sequence is activated.

Showering praise on the visuals and neon colour palette, they became far more confused by the more open-ended progression on Zebes. Their enthusiasm for the heralded Super Nintendo Entertainment System classic somewhat wanes when they are defeated by Torizo, even if they were left curious about their surroundings.

Still, it’s nice to see how much they enjoyed Samus Aran’s daring adventure, even if it is now 22 years old. How time flies!

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