Tecmo Koei: “Wii is not just about remote-swinging”


Producer for Samurai Warriors 3, Hisashi Koinuma, has revealed his sentiment that the “Wii is not just about remote-swinging” whilst discussing Tecmo Koei’s reasons for bringing the series to Nintendo’s console.

Although the fact that the console remains to be the best-selling hardware currently on the market is an obvious bonus, Koinuma also attributes Nintendo releasing the Classic Controller Pro as being a further factor in influencing the publisher’s decision.

“The main reason is because Wii is the best-selling hardware,” Koinuma comments. “Another thing that affected this decision was that Nintendo released the Classic Controller Pro. As Warriors games had been developed with traditional controllers in mind, the fact that Nintendo realized Wii is not just about remote-swinging, but also a console where traditional controllers could exist, we could develop without worry.”

Stating the obvious, clearly, but it shows that offering a variety of control schemes was a necessary move for Nintendo to take with the Wii.

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