Team17 Investigating Overcooked: Special Edition Frame Rate Issues


It was particularly exciting to see Overcooked: Special Edition release on Nintendo Switch last week, but, unfortunately, there has been some concern about the game’s performance on the portable home console.

As Digital Foundry has discovered, while the game looks to target 30 frames per second, it is running inconsistently “at roughly 23-24fps,” which is hampering the experience.

However, Team17 is aware, and have promised that they are looking into why it isn’t hitting the 30fps benchmark that they have targetted across all consoles.

“Just to provide some clarification on FPS with Overcooked. On console (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch) the game is set to run at 30fps. PC is a little bit different as you can enable V-Sync which mixes things up a bit,” Team17 community manager Jonno Stanton explained on Reddit.

“So, in a nutshell, we expect Overcooked to run at a solid 30fps on Switch, we’re also looking into reports of the game having instances where it isn’t hitting this benchmark. We are watching and listening, fear not and thanks all for your support.”

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