Team Sonic Racing Trailer Reveals Car Customization Options

Team Sonic Racing Customization Screenshot

SEGA and Sumo Digital have revealed that you can customize your car in Team Sonic Racing, news that was shared in the Gotta Go Fast: The Official Sonic The Hedgehog Panel at SXSW Gaming this weekend.

Whether you win or lose the races that you compete in, you will earn currency that can be used to unlock random prizes. These rewards are special car parts, paint, and decal options, that you can use to customize your ride to race in style – split into cosmetic and performance part categories.

The car’s hood, booster, tires, and horn can be changed, and there are rare gold parts that you will have the chance to unlock. The examples that were shown in the panel were for Metal Sonic, whose car had the Legendary Exo-Armor, Legendary Boom Module, and Legendary Spark Rims.

Team Sonic Racing will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 21st.

Team Sonic Racing Customization Trailer

Team Sonic Racing Customization Screenshots

Team Sonic Racing Customization Screenshot 1

Team Sonic Racing Customization Screenshot 2

Team Sonic Racing Customization Screenshot 3

Team Sonic Racing Customization Screenshot 4

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