Team Cherry Provide Hollow Knight Switch Release Status Update

Hollow Knight Image

After announcing that it was feature complete to then push it back into 2018, Team Cherry has shared a new update that talks about their progress towards releasing Hollow Knight on Nintendo Switch.

While the developer is happy with the game’s performance, there is still work to be done on the language localisation and some crash bugs, they still aren’t ready to narrow down a release window just yet.

“Status report! Everyone here at Team Cherry HQ, including our buds from Shark Jump, has been working furiously on the Switch port. It’s all looking and playing great, but we’ve still got some stuff to iron out,” Team Cherry explained in an update.

“Performance: Our aim has always been minimal load times and a steady 60fps for Switch. Over the last month we’ve smoothed out the last couple of problem spots and we’re all locked in on this stuff now! Hollow Knight is looking great on that Switch screen!

“Languages: As of Lifeblood, Hollow Knight’s is now in 10 Languages! And for Switch release these have to be in great shape. Getting the localisations cleaned up, with all their unique alphabets and spacings, has been a big undertaking, though one that goes largely unseen by players. We’re close on this, and we’re using the Lifeblood beta to iron out any last issues.

“Bugs: The game is more solid than ever, however there are still a few niggling crash bugs and other odd behaviours that need some special attention. This is the pointy end, and that short-list is constantly shrinking, but to be launch ready, we need to get it completely clear!

“Release: Given the current status of the build, we’re not yet ready to give an update on release window. We know that can be frustrating to hear, but like we’ve said before, we don’t want to set a concrete target until we’re sure we can hit it, and the game is rock-solid. We’re close, but there are a lot of small bits to tie up and plenty of testing to do. We’ll keep working at it and we’ll keep everyone updated as we approach the big day!”

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