Team-Based Melee Fighter Boreal Blade Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Boreal Blade Screenshot

Frozenbyte has announced that their team-based melee fighting game Boreal Blade is now available on Nintendo Switch.

They have a saying in Norvalg: “Fight for a cause worth dying for.” However, what happens when nearly every cause is good enough to die for?

Whenever a decision needs to be made, fierce Norvalgian warriors gather in their famous debating arenas, pray for strength from their gods, and fight until the truth is uncovered.

In combat, you will need to use different stances to hack your enemies to pieces – honing your prediction of attacks, counter-attacks, and timing.

There is a free demo version on the Nintendo eShop that will let you use basic weapons and armor, with the chance to join any type of game or host your own with default settings.

This will also let you match up with those that have the full game, which, for those that choose to buy it, includes all maps on which you can fight alone or with a team in the Boreal Blade’s four modes.

Your efforts will reward you with experience points that will let you level up, unlocking weapons, armor pieces, cosmetic accessories, and battle items.

Boreal Blade is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide, priced at £17.99 (€19.99 / $19.99).

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