Tanuki Sunset Speeds Toward Nintendo Switch Release

Tanuki Sunset Logo

Rewind Games has announced that its chill longboarding game Tanuki Sunset will release on Nintendo Switch.

Starring a radical, thrill-seeking raccoon, it will challenge you to get into a flow state and master the art of drifting – dodging traffic, catching air and nailing tricks as you speed downhill in an effort to become the first raccoon to complete Sunset Island’s legendary longboard trail.

“After stumbling upon videos of downhill longboard sessions, we came to realise there aren’t many games based on the sport,” explains the game’s co-creators Adir Fakiro and Jose Maria Leon. “We instantly started imagining a raccoon grinding his paws on tarmac trying to drift down a windy road at high speeds. Who doesn’t love raccoons? They’re little daredevils and troublemakers.”

The developer has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Race the trail, with stages set across Sunset Peaks, Midnight City, and Sunrise Beach.
  • Friendly control scheme makes it easy to pick up, play, and get in the zone.
  • Try multiple modes, including story mode, endless mode, score, and time trials.
  • Collect Tanuki Bits as you race, and spend them on new gear at Bob’s Skate Shop.
  • Enjoy a colorful, retro art style and a laid-back sun-kissed soundtrack.

Tanuki Sunset will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide, with a release date to be confirmed.

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