Tank It! Guns For Nintendo NX Release In 2017


Bplus has announced plans to release Tank It! on Nintendo NX, a new war simulation game that looks to raise awareness about how brutal and dangerous the battlefield can truly be.

This realistic and bloody game isn’t the type of content that would normally be found on the Nintendo eShop, which sees players command a drone that remotely controls a heavy tank.

With missions tasking you with travelling to remote villages, destroying military camps, and eliminating terrorists, Tank It! will highlight how countless civilians are often killed as collateral damage – leaving players to decide how to handle each mission.

“I for one do not enjoy playing brutal, bloody games, so for me it is painful to create death animations and blood,” shares Bplus CEO Bernd Geiblinger. “I did everything else before I did this kind of work – but I am doing it for the message.

“This is also why Tank it! will be available for a very low value – For me it is much more important to spread the message of the game than to earn a great deal of revenue.”

Tank It! will release on Nintendo NX in 2017.

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