Takeda: Iwata’s plans will grow to “make people around the world smile”


It has been a devastating week, after news broke on Monday that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata had passed away.

As is customary in Japan, two days of funeral services have been held in allowing friends, family and colleagues the chance to pay their respects and remember his extraordinary accomplishments.

The Wall Street Journal reports that within the eulogy delivered by representative director Genyo Takeda, he and Shigeru Miyamoto remain committed to complete the work that the late Nintendo president had started.

In a moving and rather eloquent tribute, Takeda-san shared that the seeds that Iwata-san had planted would one day grow into flowers “that will make people around the world smile.”

Nintendo’s mission has always been to put smiles on the faces of everyone that experiences their games. Rest in peace, Iwata-san.

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