Take To The Skies In Dragon Quest XI With Dragon Riding


Japanese broadcaster NHK has aired a special Dragon Quest 30th anniversary programme, revealing more on Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time‘s continued development.

We can see the development team at Square Enix hard at work with Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, but, for those looking for anything new related to the eleventh mainline entry in the role-playing series, your attention will soon be diverted elsewhere.

Within the footage we can see that players will be able to camp, perhaps plucking an idea from Final Fantasy XV. Here, players will be able to rest to recover HP and MP, pray to the goddess, perform mysterious smithing, and patrol the surrounding area.

The mysterious smithing option will allow players to create new weapons, with each requiring specific crafting materials and having an accompanying difficulty.

Beyond this, we can also catch a quick glimpse at the main protagonist riding a dragon, revealing that mounts will be available as a form of travel in the game.

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time will release on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS in 2017.

[Thanks Gematsu]
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