Take The Plunge In Swim Out On Nintendo Switch

Swim Out Switch Screenshot

Lozange Lab has announced that Swim Out will release on Nintendo Switch, which is a strategic, turn-based puzzle game that takes place on a sunny day by the swimming pool, river, or sea.

With more than 100 levels, you must plan each of your strokes wisely to make sure that you never cross any other swimmer’s path.

There are 12 different types that each have their own way of moving around, whether that be breaststroke swimmers, complex divers, or water-bombing kids. And then there are different objects to interact with like buoys, fins, water guns, and kayaks, as well as disruptive environmental elements like waves, crabs, or jellyfish.

Swim Out will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 20th, priced at €5.99 ($5.99).

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