Take Down A Technologically Superior Alien Race In Last Encounter On Nintendo Switch


Exordium Games has announced that Last Encounter will see release on Nintendo Switch, an intergalactic roguelike twin-stick shooter set in the distant future.

When our world is invaded by a savage and technologically superior alien race, humanity’s last remaining pilots take the fight to their procedurally-generated galaxies.

Commanding a fleet of unlockable and upgradable ships that each have their own abilities and attributes, mankind has the spacecraft to battle the invaders but needs the firepower to eradicate their enemies. Each has a component-based weapon system that will let their pilots create their own armaments – customising bullet type, firing pattern, and more with parts recovered on their adventure.

Also, Last Encounter will let up to four players join forces for cooperative annihilation, working to take down challenging enemies and bosses together.

“Last Encounter offers a cooperative roguelike experience that encourages strategizing and working together, but players who want to tackle the challenge alone are not at a disadvantage,” enthused game director Andrej Kovacevic.

“The component-based weapon system allows players to adapt their weapons and ships to maximize their chances for success in every situation, be it single or multiplayer.”

Last Encounter will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q2 2018.

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