Pokémon Playhouse Lets Young Children In On The Fun

The Pokémon Company International has released Pokémon Playhouse, an official app packed with fun activities that have been designed for younger Pokémon fans. This free app, which does not collect any...


Super Mario Run Update Version 3.0.4 Now Available Introducing Remix 10, Daisy And Music Player

Players continue to dash, leap, and vault their way through the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Run, and Nintendo has released a new software update that sees their entertaining auto-runner now on ver...


Pokémon GO Shop Introduces Super Incubators In Special, Great And Ultra Boxes

Niantic has introduced Super Incubators in Pokémon GO, the items, which Eggs 1.5 times quicker, currently only available in Special, Great, and Ultra Boxes on the Shop. The Special Box (480 Pokécoins)...


Pokémon GO Equinox Event Extended After Login Issues

Niantic has announced that the Pokémon GO equinox event has been extended after players had reported login issues with the location-based game. The in-game event, which will now run until 1pm PDT on T...


Pokémon GO Update Version 0.75.0 Now Available On Android

Niantic has released a minor software update for Pokémon GO on Android devices, that brings the location-based game to version 0.75.0. This will now let players see the items that they have received f...


Nintendo Switch Online App Update Version 1.1.0 Introduces Voice Chat Improvements

The Nintendo Switch Online app has received a new software update to version 1.1.0, with Nintendo looking to help enhance your online gameplay experience on the portable home console. The app, which c...


Fire Emblem Heroes Update Version 1.7.0 Introduces Ally Support

Nintendo has released a minor update to Fire Emblem Heroes, seeing the mobile strategy game now sat on version 1.7.0. This introduces the chance for players to deepen the bonds between their heroes wi...


Pokémon GO EX Raid Battle Field Test Coming Soon

Niantic has announced that the Pokémon GO EX Raid Battle field-testing phase will soon become available at select Gyms around the world. The developer has collected “valuable early feedback̶...


You Can Now Catch Raikou, Entei And Suicune In Pokémon GO

With Trainers around the world teaming up to catch Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and Lugia in Pokémon GO this past month, Niantic has announced Raikou, Entei, and Suicune as the next Legendary Pokémon th...

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