Tag-Team Arcade Racer Trailblazers Paints The Track On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Trailblazers Screenshot

Rising Star Games and Supergonk have announced that Trailblazers will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

The co-operative arcade racing game will see three-on-three teams compete against each other, painting the track in your team’s colour as you race – capturing key areas to dynamically change the racing line to let you boost on your own colour.

Those that drive with flair and style can build skill points, with the chance to race against up to six players online or as many as four players in local split-screen multiplayer – with CPU-controlled challengers thrown in when needed.

You can look forward to an exclusive character on Nintendo Switch in Boo’s Dad – father to the overbearing space frog – while all content will be unlocked right from the start.

Trailblazers will release at retail for Nintendo Switch on November 13th and on the Nintendo eShop on November 15th.

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