Tabletop RPG-Inspired Citizen Sleeper Coming To Nintendo Switch

Citizen Sleeper Logo

Fellow Traveller and Jump Over The Age have revealed that Citizen Sleeper will soon release on Nintendo Switch, which is the next game from the developer behind In Other Waters.

You play as a Sleeper, a digitised human consciousness, who is on the run from the corporation that owns the artificial body that you inhabit. Now washed up on Erlin’s Eye, you must explore the ruined space station which is situated on the edges of an interstellar capitalist society. With no other choice, you must build relationships with those that occupy the station, work to earn your keep and handle ramshackle factions in an effort to survive until the next cycle.

The game has taken inspiration from “the versatile mechanics of tabletop RPGs,” meaning that you will be challenged to rely on your intuition, make bold decisions to secure your safety and look to build a life for yourself aboard the station. Ultimately, the roll of the dice will determine whether you will thrive, survive or otherwise, as you seek to escape the looming threat that the corporation will discover and recover you.

Citizen Sleeper will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 5th May 2022.

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