Syndrome Terrorises Nintendo Switch Later This Year

Syndrome Logo

RedDeer.Games has announced its sci-fi survival horror game Syndrome is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

After waking from cryosleep on Valkenburg, the most advanced science space station in the Novacore, you are startled to discover that it appears to be abandoned. Suddenly you hear a voice on the communicator. Something from the abyss of space is kidnapping and killing those aboard the station…

Outnumbered and with little ammunition, you must keep to the shadows to survive. Meanwhile, strange things are happening to your mind which will soon become your enemy. Will you trust the voices in your head or not?

The developer has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Kill or be Killed: You’ll find weapons on the ship, but the ammunition supply is limited. Count your bullets and stay in the shadows;
  • Deadly Adversaries: Enemies are dangerous, they’re hunters so they’ll follow any noises and investigate any disturbances so beware;
  • Mental Horror: Not just typical jumpscares – you’re closed on a creepy, claustrophobic spaceship with countless horrors inside, both physical and psychological;
  • Intriguing Plot: A seemingly simple mission turned into a bloody scenario – it’s up to you to find out what’s really going on;
  • Deep Lore to Discover: Plenty of exploration awaits for you to do inside the ship, and many things to discover about the story.

Syndrome will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide later this year.

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