SwitchCharge Case Extends Nintendo Switch Battery Life By 12 Hours


InDemand Design is looking to help address two key criticisms with Nintendo Switch, and has turned to Indiegogo for community support.

The SwitchCharge is touted as the first-ever charging case for the console, coming with an adjustable kickstand that can be positioned at multiple angles and a built-in 12,000mAh battery pack that promises to increase game time by as much as 12 hours. That is not all, either, with built-in card slots letting you carry two extra games, and a Slidelock that will let you quickly lock and unlock the console from the SwitchCharge.

The battery has been specifically designed to let you play and charge at the same time, with beta testing seeing the battery last 10 hours 40 minutes while on Link’s adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 13 hours and 20 minutes with the hi-octane antigrav racer Fast RMX, and 14 hours 15 minutes with Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

While prototypes have been developed, InDemand Design are looking to secure $80,000 from backers in order to enter mass production. Those that are interested will need to pledge $85 in order to secure Switch, although there is a SwitchCharge Early Bird tier at $75 for the first 500 backers.

“Like many of you, we love the Nintendo Switch. We think it’s an impressive console, but we wanted to make it even better,” SwitchCharge founder Charlie Baron explains. “By addressing its weak battery life and flimsy kickstand, we’re proud to have created a device that we really think helps the Switch reach its full potential.”

It is expected that the Early Bird SwitchCharges will be delivered to backers in August 2017.

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