Survive Classic Sci-Fi Movies In Epic Loon On Nintendo Switch


Ukuza has revealed that Epic Loon will release on Nintendo Switch, developer Macrales Studio’s offbeat tribute to classic sci-fi movies.

The quirky physics platformer stars mischievous aliens who were locked away in stasis and hidden from the human world on an antiquated VHS cleaner tape. But, when Joe, a greedy shop owner and analog cinephile, disturbs their slumber, the extraterrestrial creatures invade his prized film collection.

In Epic Loon, up to four players can exact their revenge against Joe’s prized film collection, setting out to destroy Jurassik Land, Nosferacula, Grojira: Mobs of the King!, and Alien: The Hitchhiker – parodies of the movies that they are based on, in which you will dodge Joe’s remote-controlled attacks.

With more than 350 levels to master, Epic Loon also has a competitive Battle mode where players race against the clock to beat their friends and crush their spirits in the process.

Epic Loon will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Q2 2018.

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