Survive A World Of Danger In Animal Super Squad On Nintendo Switch

Animal Super Squad Artwork

DoubleMoose Games has announced that Animal Super Squad will release on Nintendo Switch, a physics-based adventure game that will challenge you to survive in a world full of dangers and bananas.

You can play as your favourite animal (as long as your favourite animal is a chicken, fish, or a sloth), as you select your vehicle that each have different controls, and try to reach the end of each level that you are faced with.

While the Adventure Mode will keep you occupied with its smooth learning curve, you will also have the chance to design your own creations in the level editor to share with the community online to play.

There’s the chance to upvote the best maps to make sure that everyone can find the best ones more easily, with a Weekly Spotlight featuring the top choices each week.

Animal Super Squad will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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