Survive A Ruined City With Your Robot Companion In Vesta On Nintendo Switch


FinalBoss Games has announced that Vesta will see release on Nintendo Switch, a game that stars a witty six-year-old girl who lives in a desolate underground maze.

Fighting for her survival in the ruins of a once-bright city inhabited by humans and machines, Vesta is watched over by BOT who advises and encourages her to do the tasks that she is assigned – but knows much more than it lets on.

BOT lends Vesta a real helper in DROID, a robotic companion that, while rough around the edges, can handle physical tasks that would be impossible for a fully grown adult, let alone a little girl. And, he can help defend her against the dangers that lurk in the remains of the abandoned complex.

With more than 36 levels to explore, players will rely on their brains and DROID’s power to traverse the landscape, manage the little energy left in the complex, solve the numerous puzzles in their path, and fight to survive. But, what’s more important will be discovering the truth behind the story.

Vesta will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on January 19th worldwide.

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