SurveyMonkey Intelligence Data Shows Pokémon GO Has Peaked In US


There can be no question that Pokémon GO has become a mobile phenomenon, but, in their continued analysis, SurveyMonkey Intelligence has shown that Niantic’s augmented reality app has peaked in the United States.

That happened within the week of the app’s release, which shows that daily active users have started a steady decline since Thursday 14th July. That day saw more than 25 million smartphone users estimated to have played the app, which remained fairly consistent over the next few days before starting to fall.

Daily downloads were expectedly at their highest on the Thursday 7th July, the day that the app was released. Where record-breaking apps such as Draw Something and Candy Crush Saga have their daily-download peak months after release, Pokémon GO was able to enjoy that at launch before starting to tail off.

That interest is also reflected by those that searched for the term “Pokémon GO” on Google, which can be directly compared to SurveMonkey’s data for the app’s usage.

What’s clear is that, after Niantic has completed their global roll-out for the augmented reality app, they will need to start demonstrating how it will keep players entertained on a longer term.



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