Surgeon skills benefit from Wii use


Surgical residents found themselves forced to play on the Wii for an hour a day, five days a week, across four weeks, for the cause of research, NPR reports.

Having then performed simulated keyhole surgery, researchers found that those who players games performed significantly better than those that hadn’t.

Such operations make use of tiny video cameras and instruments, surgeons able to operate without needing to make large incisions – reducing patient recovery times, and reducing the risk of infection.

“You have to move in a three-dimensional space but you have a two-dimensional image on your screen,” explained Dr. Gregorio Patrizi, a University of Rome Medical School professor.

Therefore, this can be difficult for those that aren’t used to staring at a video monitor. The group played three Wii games – tennis, ping pong and one that involved shooting balloons – each chosen as they required strong hand-eye coordination and three-dimensional visualisation of a space.

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