SuperGroupies Reveal Ōkami-Inspired Product Range

SuperGroupies Ōkami Collaboration Photo

SuperGroupies has collaborated with Capcom to produce three Ōkami-inspired products that are now available to pre-order online.

The fashion brand has designed a fur blouson, sneakers and an umbrella with motifs that take their inspiration from Amaterasu, Issun and more from the critically-acclaimed action-adventure game.

The products will be available to pre-order until 12pm JST on 20th July 2020, and will release later this year.

Amaterasu Model Fur Blouson

Release Date: October 2020
Price: 22,800 yen (excluding tax)

A fur blouson with a color scheme of Amaterasu. There is a pocket on the left side with Amaterasu’s name embroidered on it, and the flames and sun in the back symbolize Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess.

Amaterasu Model Sneakers

Release Date: October 2020
Price: 10,800 yen (excluding tax)

Ivory-based sneakers inspired by Amaterasu. You can find Amaterasu’s forehead mark on the shoe tongue. On the side you can find a leather tag of Issun, Amaterasu’s companion. Two types of shoelaces, basic flat laces and fluffy laces representing Amaterasu’s fur are included.

Amaterasu Model Umbrella

Release Date: November 2020
Price: 6,800 yen (excluding tax)

An umbrella with Amaterasu’s colour scheme. With a design that combines Amaterasu and Issun’s art interpretation of Amaterasu, in-game clouds, and the effects when Amaterasu runs, this umbrella has a subtle camouflage design that’s easy to use in all occasions.

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