SuperGroupies Reveal Bayonetta-Inspired Products

SuperGroupies Bayonetta Product Photo

SuperGroupies has collaborated with SEGA to produce three Bayonetta-inspired products that are now available to pre-order online.

The three-item line-up includes a watch, jacket and necklace that take their inspiration from the critically-acclaimed action-adventure game’s deadly Umbra Witch.

Each product will be available to pre-order from now until 8pm PST on Sunday 28th August 2022 and will release early next year.

Bayonetta Model Watch

Release Date: Early March 2023
Price: $320 (Before Tax)

Inspired by Bayonetta, this watch has a design based on the Umbra Witches’ magical seals. The red and blue crystal stones represent Bayonetta’s Left Eye of Darkness and Balder’s Right Eye of Light. The hour and minute hands are modelled after the ones which appear in-game when triggering Witch Time. Don’t miss the many occult scripts and Bayonetta’s iconic kiss mark!

Bayonetta Model Jacket

Release Date: Late January 2023
Price: $280 (Before Tax)

This black jacket directly takes inspiration from Bayonetta’s outfit. It features a collar decorated with an embossed motif of a rose and buttons representing each of her guns. Decorated with gold accents, the jacket has Bayonetta’s name written in occult script subtly embossed on its back. The inside tag includes a rose, ornaments from her clothing, and the inscription “One Of A Kind”.

Bayonetta Model Necklace

Release Date: Early January 2023
Price: $130 (Before Tax)

Adorn your neck with this sophisticated silver necklace modelled after a Bloody Rose Lollipop! At the end of the chain is an Umbran Tear of Blood and the chain tag is carved with a kiss mark.

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