Supergirl Swoops Toward LEGO Dimensions

supergirl lego dimensions image

LEGO has inadvertently revealed plans to release a Supergirl minifigure for LEGO Dimensions, after the building instructions were published online early.

Those instructions are as expected, aside from one fact – in that the minifigure will have a golden base. This marks a first, given that minifigures released before now have all had translucent blue bases.

That therefore leads to speculation that Supergirl could herald the start of the second year plans for new Level, Team and Fun Packs – with developer TT Games seemingly hinting that new content will include Harry Potter, ET and the A-Team.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will presumably be waiting to share news in June, when E3 2016 will once again take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


[Thanks Eurogamer]
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  1. Raven including to Lego dimensions for wave 2 2017 just tell me if I’m wrong or right Jordan fairbank

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