Super Street Fighter IV 3D receives Limited Edition packaging

Street fighter 3D1

Capcom have unveiled that they are to release a Limited Edition version of Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, that is set to feature the box cover rendered in “face punching” 3D.

Whilst the enclosed .GIF apparently doesn’t do it enough justice, it will at least give you an impression of how the Limited Edition will appear. Although it is unclear whether this is going to be available across both Europe and North America.

However, these will only be available within the first printing of the game so fans are encouraged to pre-order ahead of its release alongside the Nintendo 3DS on March 25th in Europe, and March 27th across North America.


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  1. I actually just bought this from (on 7/6/11) and it still had the lenticular 3d box.
    I’m guessing they either didn’t sell as many as they figured on or they are including this box for all of their sales.

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