Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition to offer Download Play demo

super street fighter 4 3d

During the Capcom roundtable discussion at the Nintendo 3DS Preview Event in Amsterdam, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition producer Yoshinori Ono revealed details in which those that own a copy of the game will have the opportunity to send a Versus demo to a friend – through the handheld’s Download Play functionality.

Whilst demo content will be limited, with Ono jesting that if it was the same as the full version then “Capcom would go bankrupt,” players can expect to be able to battle it out as Ryu on a single stage.

Additionally, once a player has downloaded the demo through the Download Play service, they will be able to continue to play Versus matches even if the host player decides to drop out, therefore ending the connection between the two systems.

Such a move seemed clearly aimed towards getting the game into as many Nintendo 3DS owners hands as possible, and is sure to be a popular feature for many – although, we’d hope most of you were already eyeing up picking the full game! However, Ono hopes that even those that weren’t particularly drawn to the title originally will be able to get enough of a taste to fork out for the game amidst the initial wave of Nintendo 3DS software.

“If you’re not going to buy the game, please take your Nintendo 3DS and go somewhere close to someone who has the game and is playing the game,” Ono explained. “Let’s say I send the download version to multiple people and I go home. The special thing is the people will be able to continue battling.”

He continued, “When we created this feature, we had in mind we wanted a lot of people to enjoy Street Pass on Nintendo 3DS and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. This feature will allow a lot of people to give it a try and see what it does. Once you’ve done that and tried it out, I think you’ll also buy the game. So if you play and think, I want to play as Chun-Li, then I’m sorry, you’re going to have to buy the game.”

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