Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition sends out first SpotPass notification


The Nintendo 3DS houses a number of unique social capabilities, with many of you, I’m sure, at least beginning to attempt to utilise StreetPass to meet fellow owners of the handheld system on your daily travels.

However, what hasn’t truly kicked off yet, until now, is SpotPass – a service that essentially acts in a similar way to that of the Wii’s Connect24. Your Nintendo 3DS will take advantage of either your wireless connection at home, or any open wireless hotspot it finds, to contact Nintendo’s servers.

Here, you’ll then be able to automaticaly receive a range of exciting things. From trailers, patches, add-ons, system updates and even demos, it is certainly an element of the handheld that could work particularly well.

Today marks the day that it has first been used, with Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition sending out the debut SpotPass notification to those that purchased the game at launch, which I’m sure is the majority of Nintendo 3DS owners, thanking them for such a purchase.

The SpotPass notification, titled “Let’s Take it Outside,” contains:

Hello and welcome from Capcom! Thank you very much for purchasing SSFIV 3D Edition.

Nintendo’s new technology, SpotPass, allows us to communicate with you and we would like to use this new ability to pass on news, unique Street Fighter figurines, and other possibilities.

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we did making it. Please let your friends know about SSFIV 3D Edition and stay tuned for more updates!

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