Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mum-Themed Spirit Board Event Starts This Week

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mum Spirit Board Event Image

Nintendo has announced the next Spirit Board event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this weekend will star motherly Spirits.

The theme this time is “Mum’s the Word!” with the event running from 7am on Friday 10th May to 7am on Monday 13th May 2019.

“During this event, each battle won on the Spirit Board will earn you a Health Drain item and triple the usual SP,” Nintendo explains. “Motherly spirits will also appear at set times.”

The list of Spirits that will appear while the event is active are:

Timed Spirits

  • 5-Volt (Advanced Class): Appears at 4am and 4pm every day.
  • Deirdre (Advanced Class): Appears at 1am and 1pm every day.
  • Hinawa (Legend Class): Appears at 7am and 7pm every day.
  • Kaitlin and Katie (Advanced Class): Appears at 8am and 8pm every day.
  • Kangaskhan (Advanced Class): Appears at 12am and 12pm every day.
  • Mother Brain (Ace Class): Appears at 9am and 9pm every day.
  • Queen Metroid (Legend Class): Appears at 3am and 3pm every day.
  • The Boss (Legend Class): Appears at 11am and 11pm every day.
  • Wrinkly Kong (Advanced Class): Appears at 5am and 5pm every day.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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