Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hard N Heavy Metal-Themed Spirit Board Event Has Now Started

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Hard N Heavy Metal Image

Nintendo has announced the next Spirit Board event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this weekend will star Spirits with metal bodies.

The theme this time is “Hard ‘n’ Heavy Metal” with the event running from 6am on Friday 1st March to 6am on Monday 4th March 2019.

“Time for some metallic mayhem as spirits with metal bodies crash onto the Spirit Board! Defeat them in battle to earn more gold than usual,” Nintendo explains.

“The Legend-class Mecha-Fiora and Ness’s Father, plus the Ace-class Metal Mario will also appear at set times. Take a look!”

The list of Spirits that will appear while the event is active are:

Timed Spirits

  • Mecha-Fiora (Legend Class): Appears at 6am and 6pm every day.
  • Metal Mario (Ace Class): Appears at 12am and 12pm every day.
  • Ness’s Father (Legend Class): Appears at 2am and 2pm every day.

Randomly-Appearing Spirits

  • Aegislash
  • Chain Chomp
  • Chibi-Robo
  • Chibi-Tot
  • Darknut
  • Diggernaut
  • Duon
  • EVE
  • Gamma
  • Gordo
  • Heavy Lobster
  • Huey
  • Magearna
  • Magneton
  • Mecha-Fiora
  • Mecha Ridley
  • Metagross
  • Metal Man
  • Metal Mario
  • Metal Sonic
  • Mettaur
  • Ness’s Father
  • Omega
  • Ray Mk II
  • Robobot Armor
  • Rock Pikmin
  • Skarmory
  • Steelix
  • Tap-Tap

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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