Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Character Code Names Uncovered In Data Mine

Joker Persona 5 Summon Screenshot

The code names for three characters that will be made available as downloadable content for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have been discovered in a data mine.

The parameters in the mascot brawler’s code have been shared by Smash Forge developer Jam1Garner, who adds that they were originally discovered by KuroganeHammer who had chosen to keep them a secret.

These labels are fighter_kind_jack which is believed to reference Joker from Persona 5, fighter_kind_packu that seemingly relates to Piranha Plant and, lastly, fighter_kind_brave.

Rumours have swirled that the next fighter to be revealed will be from the Dragon Quest series, which matches up as the Hero class is called “yuusha” in Japan that translates to the word “brave.” If correct, as to when this will be revealed is unclear, especially as we haven’t seen Joker in action yet.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has broken multiple records since the game’s worldwide launch last month, becoming the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game in the United Kingdom, the fastest-selling Nintendo home console game in Europe and selling more than three million copies in 11 days to break the same records in North America.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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