Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adventure Mode Is Called World Of Light

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adventure Mode World Of Light Screenshot

Today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct saw Nintendo reveal Adventure Mode: World of Light for the mascot brawler.

While acknowledging that fans shouldn’t expect something similar to Adventure Mode: Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Masahiro Sakurai offered a sneak peek but has expressed wanting to keep parts of the mode secret until the Nintendo Switch exclusive launches.

“I should mention that the Adventure mode in this game is nothing like what we came up with for The Subspace Emissary,” Sakurai explained.

“That said, what exactly caused all these characters to lose their bodies and transform into spirits? I’ll show you how it all begins…”

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 7th.

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