Super Smash Bros. trophies to feature across Wii U and 3DS


Super Smash Bros. trophies will return in this year’s Wii U and 3DS instalments, creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed.

Each version will have its own separate trophy list, compiled from games available on each system. The example shown was of Link’s childhood friend Saria from Ocarina of Time, one such trophy that may be collected on 3DS.

“There will be trophies in the 3DS and Wii U games, and each version will boast different types and models,” Sakurai explained alongside an accompanying screenshot. “The 3DS trophies will be mainly from handhelds and the Wii U version will feature trophies from the home-console games.”

Super Smash Bros. will release for Wii U and 3DS in 2014.

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