Super Smash Bros. 3DS runs at 60 FPS and includes “Smash Run” mode


It has been confirmed that Super Smash Bros. will run at a silky smooth 60 frames per second on Nintendo 3DS, even when stereoscopic 3D is active.

The handheld iteration also boasts a new mode called “Smash Run”, in which four players have five minutes to explore a dungeon, defeat enemies plucked from a variety of games, and secure themselves items and power-ups to strengthen their chosen fighter. Once such time has elapsed, all four fighters will enter a battle arena with whatever they have gathered.

That can see speed, jump, attack, special attack, items usage and defense improved, meaning that it’s certainly worthwhile to seek out as many as you can. You’ll also see players wandering through the stage around you, although it is important to prioritise discovering power-ups over pummelling them for now. Sakurai likened the rules to Kirby Air Ride’s City Trial mode, although now spun in an entirely different way.

Super Smash Bros. releases on 3DS in summer this year.

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