Super Nintendo World Opening Date Delayed Due To COVID-19

Super Nintendo World Press Conference Photo

Universal Studios Japan plans to postpone the opening date for Super Nintendo World in response to challenges that have arisen from the COVID-19 epidemic.

NHK reports that construction of the new Mushroom Kingdom-themed area in theme park is nearly complete, and had been scheduled to open in late July.

These plans will now have to change, as there are concerns about the increase in visitors that the theme park will attract and how large crowds and close-contact settings will risk spreading coronavirus.

The company is uncertain when it will be able to safely open Super Nintendo World, with some reports fearing that it may not be able to open until 2021.

That said, Universal Studios Japan was reopened on 8th June 2020, but the theme park is purposefully selling tickets at half their usual capacity to reduce the risk that visitors could face.

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