Super Monkey Ball 3D receives Announcement trailer, Multiplayer detailed

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Prepare to go bananas on Nintendo 3DS as SEGA gear up to bring Super Monkey Ball 3D to Europe, with all of your favourite characters returning and practically leaping out of the screen with excitement.

AiAi, Baby, MeeMee, GonGon and more of the mischievous line-up of monkeys are set to make an appearance, as players engage in traditional Monkey Ball gaming, utilising either the Nintendo 3DS Slide Pad or the motion sensor for absolute precision control.

Of course, multiplayer always plays an important aspect within the Monkey Ball series and SEGA have detailed both Monkey Fight and Monkey Race for the upcoming title.

Monkey Fight revolves around four players battling it out across a stage, as they use boxing gloves to bash bananas out of each others clutches. It’s frantic, fast-paced and is also able to be played across Wi-Fi. Alongside this is Monkey Race, where players take to the track as they go head-to-head to race towards the finish line.

Super Monkey Ball 3D is due to release within the Super Monkey Ball 3D is coming out early 2011 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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