Super Meat Boy Sales On Nintendo Switch “Shockingly Close” To Xbox 360 Debut


Team Meat has revealed that first day sales for Super Meat Boy on Nintendo Switch came “shockingly close” to those achieved when the game debuted on Xbox 360.

The tough as nails platformer released on Microsoft’s console on 20th October 2010, and, as the year drew to a close, had sold nearly 140,000 copies. It would seem like the game’s arrival on the Nintendo eShop is off to an increasingly strong start.

“Super Meat Boy on Switch first day sales came shockingly close to its debut on Xbox 360 back in 2010. That’s. nuts,” Team Meat revealed. “Now I’m pretty excited about Super Meat Boy Forever for the Switch.”

Super Meat Boy on Nintendo Switch has an exclusive two-player split-screen Race Mode, in which friends and family can compete against each other – whether that be in individual chapters, randomised levels, or the entire game.

Team Meat will also release Super Meat Boy Forever on Nintendo Switch, where Meat Boy and Bandage Girl will leap off walls, dodge buzz saws, and perform 2D platforming feats to rescue their little baby Nugget from Dr. Fetus.

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