Super Mario Party Online Mariothon Mode Lets You Compete With Friends And Against The World

Super Mario Party E3 2018 Screenshot

Nintendo has revealed that Super Mario Party will have an Online Mariothon mode, marking the first time that the Mario Party series has ever let you take its party antics online.

The new mode was revealed on Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 2018, and, while it isn’t ready to be shown, we still had a chance to learn more about it.

As a counterpart to the Mariothon mode, it will let you play through gauntlets of five skill-based minigames online and will surely be a popular addition thanks to leaderboards, a ranking system and the chance to nab some rewards.

“This being a game that is still in development, of course, there is some stuff that we can’t talk about or show yet as far as game modes go and features. But, there is one mode that I want to talk about that, hopefully, we’ll be able to show off before too long,” Nintendo of America’s Sam Robertson began in her explanation.

“It’s something called Mariothon. So, if you’re looking for a game that’s not quite just playing three minigames in that kind of free choice area where you can just pick a single minigame and play it. But you’re not looking for a full Mario Party game, it’s a series of five minigames that you play as a challenge with your friends. And, you get to see that, say, with this stack of five minigames, like, who can get the best score.

“The assortment of minigames is going to change, so it’s not always going to be the same five. But it’s a really fun way to have that kind of, like, mid-length competition with your friends.

“With Mariothon, there’s another mode called Online Mariothon. So, we actually have an online minigame mode. It’s going to be that same experience with a collection of five minigames that rotate, so they change up. And then playing online against your friends or against people all over the world, so you can hop in there and challenge folks and see, in these five minigames, who’s going to come out on top.

“There are going to be leaderboards, a ranking system and some rewards. We can’t really talk about that stuff just yet, but hopefully, we’ll have more that we can share about that soon.”

Super Mario Party will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 5th.

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