Super Mario Odyssey Will Be Playable At E3 2017


Coming as a surprise to no one, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé has confirmed that Super Mario Odyssey will be at E3 2017.

He had been asked how Nintendo had planned what content would be shown in the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, while being able to hold certain announcements back for E3 2017.

In response, Fils-Aimé revealed that Nintendo had considered letting attendees at the hands-on events play Super Mario Odyssey but chose to wait until June.

“The only decision that was made from an E3 consideration standpoint was ‘Do we show Super Mario Odyssey from a hands-on perspective today versus E3?’ And we’re going to show it at E3,” Fils-Aimé told IGN. “But at least from a Nintendo perspective, there’s no other consideration that is driven by E3.”

E3 2017 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center between Tuesday 13th – Thursday 15th June 2017.

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