Super Mario Odyssey Street Date Broken In Portugal

Super Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom Screenshot

The world is now days away from when players can chase down Bowser to rescue Princess Peach before they get hitched, but some have already had the chance to buy Super Mario Odyssey early.

That’s thanks to a retailer in Portugal, who, for whatever reason, has chosen to break the Nintendo Switch exclusive’s street date. The consequence is that spoilers are now out in the wild, whether surfacing on 4chan or in gameplay footage that is being posted on YouTube.

For those wanting to make sure that their experience isn’t ruined, it may be worth considering radio silence for the next week – I’ve already seen gameplay clips and screenshots that show the ending to the moustachioed mascot’s globe-trotting adventure. At least on a more positive note, there’s not that long left to go.

Super Mario Odyssey will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 27th.

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