Super Mario Odyssey File Size Requires 5.7 GB Space


Nintendo has revealed that Super Mario Odyssey file size will require 5.7 GB space for those that wish to download the moustachioed mascot’s globe-trotting adventure when it releases next month.

With multiple kingdoms to explore as Mario once again chases down Bowser to rescue Princess Peach, it comes as no surprise that the Nintendo Switch exclusive is far larger than the 1.78 GB that Super Mario 3D World had required.

Last week’s Nintendo Direct had shared the news that a Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition bundle will see release, that includes a download code for the moustachioed mascot’s globe-trotting adventure and a Nintendo Switch with Mario-themed red Joy-Con controllers.

That will be priced at $379.99 in North America where the bundle will also have a Super Mario Odyssey-themed Nintendo Switch Carrying Case, but this will be available to buy separately in Europe.

Super Mario Odyssey and the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition bundle will release worldwide on October 27th.

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  1. So what the F**K is NBA 2K18’s problem??? Its SAVEGAMES are about the size of the ENTIRETY of Super Mario Odyssey??????? And the game itself is over 22GB?

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