Super Mario Odyssey amiibo Functionality Unlocks Costumes


Every hat, outfit, suit, and uniform can be unlocked with Coins and Regional Coins in Super Mario Odyssey, but those that have steadily amassed an amiibo collection may not have to spend them.

If you hold down the right directional button or have a natter with Uncle amiibo, players can scan in any amiibo that they have. While the standard amiibo functionality is for them to find any stray Power Moons in a kingdom, some amiibo can reward you with a bonus costume, too.

There are 10 amiibo that can reward you with such flashy costumes that we know about so far, that carry beyond the new wedding outfit Mario, Peach, and Bowser amiibo that have been released alongside Super Mario Odyssey‘s launch.

When scanned, Uncle amiibo will explain that you have received the bonus costume and ask whether you want to wear it straight away or have it shoved in your wardrobe for later use.

Bowser (Wedding Outfit) amiibo

Bowser’s Top Hat: A replica of the unique hat Bowser had specially made for the big day.
Bowser’s Tuxedo: For a terrifying, fire-breathing monster covered in spikes, Bowser sure cleans up nice.

Diddy Kong amiibo (Super Mario Collection or Super Smash Bros. Collection

Diddy Kong Hat: A red cap with a strikingly long brim. Smells unusual.
Diddy Kong Suit: A popular outfit among tail enthusiasts.


Dr. Mario amiibo (Super Smash Bros. Collection)

Doctor Headwear: Headwear worn by a doctor famous for extremely colorful prescriptions.
Doctor Outfit: White coat worn by a doctor famous for fighting our most colorful viruses.


Gold Mario amiibo or Silver Mario amiibo

Gold Mario Cap: A seriously shiny hat.
Gold Mario Suit: This outfit just goes all the way with the gold thing.


Luigi amiibo (Super Mario Collection or Super Smash Bros. Collection)

Luigi Hat: The standard cap in a vivid green. The L stands for “winner.”
Luigi Suit: A bright green version of an established classic. Green means “let’s-a go!”


Mario amiibo (Super Mario 30th Anniversary Collection, Super Mario Collection, or Super Mario Bros. Collection)

Classic Cap: For the truly nostalgic, it doesn’t get any more classic than this.
Classic Suit: This outfit is still loved by longtime fans. DK has never been a fan, though.


Mario (Wedding Outfit) amiibo

Mario’s Top Hat: A white silk hat, perfect for the biggest day of one’s life.
Mario’s Tuxedo: An exquisite coat with tails. WARNING: Do not engage in plumbing while wearing.


Peach (Wedding Outfit) amiibo

Bridal Veil: A perfect replica of Princess Peach’s veil.
Bridal Gown: A replica of Peach’s wedding dress (though it did have to be altered a bit for Mario’s measurements).


Waluigi amiibo (Super Mario Collection)

Waluigi Cap: A cap with an upside-down L on it. It’s barely used!
Waluigi Suit: This outfit makes you want to lurk in the shadows, waiting for a turn in the spotlight.


Wario amiibo (Super Mario Collection or Super Smash Bros. Collection)

Wario Cap: A cap bearing a distinctive W. It doesn’t fit well and kind of chafes.
Wario Suit: The kind of outfit that you want to wash at least once before you wear it.


Super Mario Odyssey is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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