Super Mario Odyssey: All Outfits And Costumes


Super Mario Odyssey is crammed full of surprises, whether that be in the kingdoms that you visit, the bosses that you encounter, or how sneakily they have hidden every Power Moon. But, also in the many ways that players can dress up the moustachioed icon in his new globe-trotting adventure.

On our travels, we have been able to snap up around 40 outfits, suits, and uniforms at the Cap Crazy stores, with one more costume remaining to elude us. That sees Mario’s wardrobe in Super Mario Odyssey bursting with choice, with exquisite coat and tails, comfortable clothes, and numerous throwbacks to the character’s storied past, it’s easily one of the best aspects to the lauded Nintendo Switch exclusive.

We have taken snaps and scrawled the descriptions for everything that we have found so far in Super Mario Odyssey, and, as always, it’s worth us issuing a spoiler warning as some outfits will relate to a particular kingdom or, more simply, have been put in the game as a complete surprise for those that have stuck with Mario for decades.

If you’re still happy to take a look, then scroll down and see everything that Nintendo has packed into Super Mario Odyssey that you can dress their versatile hero, and his new companion, Cappy, in.

Every Outfit, Suit And Uniform In Super Mario Odyssey

Black Fedora And Black Suit

Black Fedora: Perfect for business, business casual, casual, or casual business!
Black Suit: You can wear this outfit just about anywhere – it always looks good.


Black Top Hat And Black Tuxedo

Black Top Hat: This classy number is the best seller at Bonneton’s Crazy Cap shop.
Black Tuxedo: Bonneton’s Crazy Cap shop is famous for these impeccably tailored outfits.


Bridal Veil And Bridal Gown

Bridal Veil: A perfect replica of Princess Peach’s veil.
Bridal Gown: A replica of Peach’s wedding dress (though it did have to be altered a bit for Mario’s measurements).


Bowser’s Top Hat And Bowser’s Tuxedo

Bowser’s Top Hat: A replica of the unique hat Bowser had specially made for the big day.
Bowser’s Tuxedo: For a terrifying, fire-breathing monster covered in spikes, Bowser sure cleans up nice.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer Shorts: Comfortable, breezy boxers in a vibrant mushroom-like pattern.


Builder Helmet And Builder Outfit

Builder Helmet: Whether you’re building or inspecting, you gotta keep your head safe.
Builder Outfit: The perfect outfit whether you’re constructing or inspecting the construction work of others.


Captain’s Hat

Captain’s Hat: Hat for the captain of the Odyssey, brimming with authority.


Caveman Headwear And Caveman Outfit

Caveman Headwear: Primitive plumbers fashioned these from the skulls of Parabones.
Caveman Outfit: Early adventurers wore these outfits for maximum freedom of movement, if not maximum warmth.


Chef Hat And Chef Suit

Chef Hat: Anyone wearing one of these makes many friends on Mount Volcano.
Chef Suit: Red scarves are a staple of fashion on Mount Volcano.


Classic Cap And Classic Suit

Classic Cap: For the truly nostalgic, it doesn’t get any more classic than this.
Classic Suit: This outfit is still loved by longtime fans. DK has never been a fan, though.


Clown Hat And Clown Suit

Clown Hat: The perfect hat for pratfalls, teeny cars, and wasting good pie.
Clown Suit: Roomy enough for all your tumbling needs, colourful enough to be seen from space.


Cowboy Hat And Cowboy Outfit

Cowboy Hat: A classic hat, perfectly suited for wearing as you ride into sunsets.
Cowboy Outfit: Old-fashioned duds with a frontier feel. Gunslinging and cow-punching optional.


Diddy Kong Hat And Diddy Kong Suit

Diddy Kong Hat: A red cap with a strikingly long brim. Smells unusual.
Diddy Kong Suit: A popular outfit among tail enthusiasts.


Doctor Headwear And Doctor Outfit

Doctor Headwear: Headwear worn by a doctor famous for extremely colorful prescriptions.
Doctor Outfit: White coat worn by a doctor famous for fighting our most colorful viruses.


Employee Cap And Employee Uniform

Employee Cap: A Crazy Cap original!
Employee Uniform: Show your Crazy Cap brand loyalty with this striking outfit!


Explorer Hat And Explorer Outfit

Explorer Hat: Just because the territory is uncharted doesn’t mean your head should be uncovered.
Explorer Outfit: Clothes that keep you comfortable even in the deepest heart of the wilderness.


Fashionable Cap And Fashionable Outfit

Fashionable Cap: An upscale upgrade to an upstanding hero’s upper half.
Fashionable Outfit: I’m not clashing. YOU’RE clashing!


Football Helmet And Football Uniform

Football Helmet: A colourful helmet to keep one’s head safe from the sporting life.
Football Uniform: Bright colours and big shoulder pads never go out of fashion.


Golf Cap And Golf Outfit

Golf Cap: You’re not playing golf unless everyone is starting at your hat.
Golf Outfit: “What?! Wait, let me turn down my outfit so I can hear you!”


Gold Mario Cap And Gold Mario Suit

Gold Mario Cap: A seriously shiny hat.
Gold Mario Suit: This outfit just goes all the way with the gold thing.



Hakama: This traditional outfit has a nontraditional M monogram.


Happi Headband And Happi Outfit

Happi Headband: This coiled headband is perfect when you want to cover just a BIT of your head.
Happi Outfit: Traditional clothing designed to be easy to move around in at a festival.


Invisibility Hat

Invisibility Hat: A very rare hat acquired at Culmina Crater. Easy to lose in the closet.


King’s Crown And King’s Outfit

King’s Crown: An impressive crown acquired in Rabbit Ridge.
King’s Outfit: This majestic outfit was obtained in Rabbit Ridge.


Luigi Hat And Luigi Suit

Luigi Hat: The standard cap in a vivid green. The L stands for “winner.”
Luigi Suit: A bright green version of an established classic. Green means “let’s-a go!”


Mario 64 Cap And Mario 64 Suit

Mario 64 Cap: A charmingly blocky version of a classic.
Mario 64 Suit: When you just want to wrap yourself in nostalgia.


Mario’s Top Hat And Mario’s Tuxedo

Mario’s Top Hat: A white silk hat, perfect for the biggest day of one’s life.
Mario’s Tuxedo: An exquisite coat with tails. WARNING: Do not engage in plumbing while wearing.


Mechanic Cap And Mechanic Outfit

Mechanic Cap: A good hat to wear when it’s time to get down to work.
Mechanic Outfit: An outfit seemingly doomed to get stained in motor oil.


Metal Mario Cap And Metal Mario Suit

Metal Mario Cap: A metal cap that seems somehow familiar…
Metal Mario Suit: When you want to wrap yourself in nostalgia, and then in aluminum foil.


Painter’s Cap And Painter Outfit

Painter’s Cap: Is it even really painting if you’re not wearing one of these?
Painter Outfit: Just the outfit you would expect to see on a painter. Prestained for your convenience.


Pirate Hat And Pirate Outfit

Pirate Hat: YARRRR!
Pirate Outfit: Whether plundering cargo or burying treasure, you’re gonna need an extremely fancy coat.


Resort Hat And Resort Outfit

Resort Hat: This hat is made for breathability, aiding in relaxation.
Resort Outfit: This outfit lets everyone know you take your relaxing seriously.


Sailor Hat And Sailor Suit

Sailor Hat: A hat respected the world over, especially the parts near water.
Sailor Suit: Of all uniforms, the one that is most likely to get really, really wet.


Samurai Helmet And Samurai Armor

Samurai Helmet: The samurai wore helmets that were functional AND fancy.
Samurai Armor: The samurai basically walked around wearing works of art.


Scientist Visor And Scientist Outfit

Scientist Visor: A strange piece of headwear that gives off a science-y vibe.
Scientist Outfit: It’s a scientific fact that nothing says “scientist” like a lab coat.


Skeleton Suit

Skeleton Suit: This skeleton costume uses cutting-edge, er, something to, um… Look, we’re not sure how this works. But it’s cool, right?

Space Helmet And Space Suit

Space Helmet: When you need to avoid the void.
Space Suit: The preferred outfit for steps and leaps of any size.


Snow Hood And Snow Suit

Snow Hood: A down hood that keeps the cold from making you bitter.
Snow Suit: After decades of ice levels, FINALLY a good, warm jacket.


Sombrero And Poncho

Sombrero: Traditional Tostarenan hat. Keeps the sun out of your eyes and is just plain fun to wear.
Poncho: Traditional folk dress of the Tostarena region. Keeps the sun off and the breezes on.


Swim Goggles And Swimwear

Swim Goggles: So fashionable you’ll want to wear them on land.
Swimwear: The floaty ring does not actually float – it’s just an accent on the outfit.


Waluigi Cap And Waluigi Suit

Waluigi Cap: A cap with an upside-down L on it. It’s barely used!
Waluigi Suit: This outfit makes you want to lurk in the shadows, waiting for a turn in the spotlight.


Wario Cap And Wario Suit

Wario Cap: A cap bearing a distinctive W. It doesn’t fit well and kind of chafes.
Wario Suit: The kind of outfit that you want to wash at least once before you wear it.


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  1. Thankyou so much. Every other place I’ve gone has either been a 30 minute video or just a list of names with no pictures . Personally my all time favorite is Caveman.

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