Super Mario Maker web portal to help you discover courses


Nintendo has announced plans to launch a Super Mario Maker web portal in December, that will help players discover new courses to tackle more easily.

Accessed through any Internet browser or smart device, users will be able to search by filtering courses by prefixed tags – adding them to a ‘Play Later’ list to conquer when they are back home.

“This portal will let you search for particular types of courses on your Internet browser or smart device,” Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata explained in this week’s Nintendo Direct. “You can filter them using prefixed tags like auto-scrolling, sound-based or time attack. You can also filter by game styles or course themes.

“If you are away from home and find an interesting course you can register it as one of your favourites, and then play it when you return home. With this web portal, you can find the right courses faster and have more fun.”

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