Super Mario Maker Version 1.43 Update Now Available


Super Mario Maker has received a new software update, seeing the Wii U exclusive course creator now sat at Version 1.43.

That introduces changes to Course World’s Star Ranking list, which will now display courses that have the most stars in relation to the number of people that have played them through to conclusion. Such results will now be limited to All-Time, removing the Weekly option seen before.

As well as this, a Super Expert difficulty filter has been added, with the update required in order to continue accessing online features.

Super Mario Maker – Version 1.43

  • The Star Ranking list in Course World has been changed to display courses that have received the most stars relative to the number of people who have played them. Previously, when searching for courses in the Star Ranking list, results could be set to either “Weekly” or “All-Time” but will now be limited to “All-Time.”
  • “Super Expert” difficulty has been added to the difficulty filters when searching for courses.
  • This update (ver 1.43) must be downloaded and applied in order to use the Internet features of Super Mario Maker.
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  1. A move in the right direction. Super Mario Maker is a fantastic game that has a horrible weakness: finding levels that you personally would enjoy.

    A few more changes would go far to help with this, I think:
    – Being able to remove a bookmark on a level in the game (without launching browser)
    – Being able to search using a text field on their Bookmark website (or another way to search for Course Makers by name, by a code, or by words in the title)
    – Integrating the Bookmark website’s search functions into the game so there’s no more need for the website
    – Being able to filter OUT levels by selecting multiple criteria at once, even of the same type, (such as Expert and Auto play levels), thus getting a better recommendations list (for game and Bookmark site)
    – Better recommendations based on the courses you like
    – Easier to suggest courses to friends
    – Better tools for screenshots that can be sent to a computer or kept in a Miiverse gallery
    – Enabling players to create their own “world maps” – that is, being able to set up worlds of a theme and maybe increasing difficulty in their own world map as the player progresses toward its completion, much like what is shown in the challenges but all with levels they’ve selected to be part of that map/World. Even better if the world map can be themed to show cool animation or otherwise feel alive and carry a little more narrative based on the levels a creator has chosen for it
    – … as the above, but a group of creators can come together to submit their levels to be used as certain levels in that world
    – … or a creator can make a world map using any levels, their own or others’ levels, or a combo

    Just some ideas.

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