Super Mario AR cards announced for Japan


Nintendo of Japan are to shortly release augmented reality cards for the Nintendo 3DS, that feature characters plucked from the Super Mario universe.

Announced today by global president Satoru Iwata during a Chotto Nintendo Direct (see below), these may be used within a free downloadable application called “Isshoni Photo: Super Mario” (Photo Together: Super Mario) which will allow users to seemingly interact with the iconic characters.

The new AR cards themselves will be integrated with Nintendo eShop prepaid cards, meaning that you’ll be able to purchase funds for the digital store whilst receiving the related character as well. Further purchase incentive is provided through the fact that placing multiple AR cards together will see them perform unique animations.

There’ll be two sets available with the first three arriving in stores on April 23rd, which includes Goomba (1000 yen), Mario (2000 yen) and Peach (3000 yen). A second set will arrive at a later date, and will feature Koopa Troopa (1000 yen), Luigi (2000 yen) and Bowser (3000 yen).

Unfortunately, as yet, there’s no confirmation as to whether these will see a western release.

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