Super Mario 3D World receives worldwide release dates, new trailer


Today’s Nintendo Direct saw Super Mario 3D World make a rather striking appearance. A new trailer briefly shows the narrative, with Bowser kidnapping a fairy-like character in a bottle and escaping through a clear Warp Pipe.

After which, riotous platforming footage shows just how sublimely the Wii U exclusive is shaping up. The new Double Cherry power-up sees chraacters able to multiply themselves, whilst Mario and chums can also get their mits on the Boomerang and Tanooki Suits, with new items seeing a block that fires cannonballs, and a potted Pirahna Plant that gobbles your foes.

Super Mario 3D World will release for Wii U across Japan on November 21st, North America on November 22nd, and Europe on November 29th.

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