Super Mario 3D Land outperforming Super Mario Galaxy sales


Nintendo’s latest earnings report has revealed that Super Mario 3D Land’s first-year sales are outperforming those previously achieved by Super Mario Galaxy.

During the 13 months that it has been on sale, the Nintendo 3DS exclusive has sold in excess of 8 million copies worldwide. Whilst Super Mario Galaxy saw sales of 7.66 million copies within the same period after it launched.

The reason behind this is that Super Mario 3D Land is outselling the Wii exclusive by nearly double in Japan, which in itself is surprising.

The Japanese audience are largely more receptive to side-scrolling Mario titles, with 3D Mario games tending not to fare so well. With Super Mario 3D Land blending both styles together, it’s proving to be a more approachable game for the Japanese consumers.

[Thanks Siliconera]

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