Super Mario 3D Land Edition New Nintendo 3DS Bundle Announced


Nintendo of America has announced that it will release a Super Mario 3D Land Edition New Nintendo 3DS bundle later this month.

That will include a white New Nintendo 3DS system, a copy of Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed (which remains the fifth-best rated game for the handheld on Metacritic), and two interchangeable Mario-themed cover plates.

One of those sees Mario stand sternly across both cover plates, while the other is the Super Mario Maker cover plates that have 8-bit renditions of classic Nintendo characters.

The bundle will be exclusive to Walmart and Target stores, priced at $149.99. That is $50 less than previousy New Nintendo 3DS bundles that were available.

The Super Mario 3D Land Edition New Nintendo 3DS bundle will be available across North America on August 26th.



  1. also if your Canadian it comes out this Friday on the 19th and its$199 or $230 after tax also people this is not a XL its the smaller system as i did not notice this when i pre ordered

  2. yes they all are , the bundle will be but i here they are going to start selling them separate the new white 3ds not xl . but i guess these faceplates if rumors are true are limited to this bundle only

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