Super Dungeon Maker Receives New Trailer

Super Dungeon Maker Key Art

rokaplay and Firechick have shared a new trailer for Super Dungeon Maker, which is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

This 2D pixel art dungeon editor has taken inspiration from “the best 2D adventure games in the world,” and will let you choose how many levels, boss fights, items and hidden objects you want to have placed in your creation.

The publisher has outlined the game’s features as below:

  • Play countless creative community created dungeons: Even before the release of the actual prologue, there were already hundreds of playable online dungeons, created by the community! There are many different ones, for example action-packed once, metroidvania like, puzzle and even some in the new and trendy difficult kaizo style!
  • Create & Play your own Dungeons: Create your very own dungeons in the controller friendly editor mode and let your creativity run wild! Build as many rooms with enemies as you want, hide them behind breakable walls, fall through floors or change your dungeon theme seamlessly.
  • Share your Dungeons with your friends or community: You can share the Dungeons you create with your friends, family and the whole community over the world! Make the journey more difficult with countless traps and hidden spikes. A perfect game for all streamers and content creators

Super Dungeon Maker will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q3 2022.

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